Erectile dysfunction affects men of all ages at various times in their lives. Most cases are physical, and due to poor blood supply, Diabetes, vascular disease, obesity, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake, or neurologic causes. There are essentially four components to obtaining a normal erection:

A defect in any of these systems can be at the root of ED. Here at Dr. Lief’s office we are able to determine the cause of your ED and design a treatment plan that is suited to your needs. Most cases will respond to oral medications, but others will require vacuum devices or penile injections. Some cases will require surgery.

We can prescribe pills such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn and Stendra which can in some cases be taken daily or as needed. When the pills do not work we can teach our patients how to self inject with trimix or super trimix. These injections are affordable and easy to use and provide a long sustainable erection.

Daily Cialis taken 5 mg per day is a great alternative for men with urinary issues and ED as it helps improve both conditions. In many cases it can be covered under insurance. Staxyn is a powerful drug that is taken sublingual and works in less than 30 minutes.

Sometimes all it takes is diet and exercise to resume a normal sex life. Other cases require attention to the male hormone testosterone and correcting any imbalance that may be present. Dr. Lief and his staff will listen to you , review your situation and determine the best treatment options for your condition and needs.