Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) & PRI (Penile Restorative Injection)™

I am now performing Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections in my office. . PRP is a technique whereby blood is taken from the patient and the PRP is separated out. The PRP is then activated with a special chemical buffer to help release growth factors thereby potentially restoring years of damage to the penis from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, vascular disease, trauma, radiation damage and others. The benefits can be to increase blood flow to the penis thereby increasing sensitivity and pleasure. The technique is done in the office and is virtually painless. The risk of allergic reaction is virtually none since the patient’s own plasma is being utilized.

I have trademarked the procedure and perfected the technique over the past year. I have injected almost 100 patients with my technique Penile Restorative injection (PRI™). Patients have been telling me how much it has helped them to perform better sexually, and have better penile sensation. I have even seen plaques from Peyronie Disease get smaller. Not one patient has had any ill effects and due to affordability many patients have requested repeat procedures.

PRP has been shown in orthopedics, plastic surgery and wound healing to be beneficial and help heal damaged tendons, muscles and tissues. The platelets are taken from the patient’s own blood and processed for approximately 30 minutes with centrifuges. While this is being done the patient’s penis is coved with a numbing cream and I give an injection of Novocain at the base. Most patients tell me they did not feel anything.

My patient’s are reporting a wide range of improvement from better quality erections, both girth and tumescence and increased sensitivity and better staying power. I am proud to be able to offer this technique that I have perfected to existing and new patients. I have kept the price affordable so that many men can benefit.

The benefits of PRP to help heal tissues lie in the abundant growth factors found in the substance and include, platelet derived growth factor, transforming growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, insulin like growth factors 1 and 2, vascular growth factors, epidermal growth factor, and connective tissue growth factors.

For over 30 years I have dedicated myself to my practice and my patients. This technique is truly ground breaking and has the potential to help many men suffering from ED, and other sexual issues. If you are interested please call and we will answer your questions.