Deciding to Have a Vasectomy

The vasectomy procedure is very cost effective and offers the most reliable form of birth control. Usually it is almost completely covered by health insurance. For those without insurance Dr. Lief also offers a cost effective vasectomy. However, a vasectomy should be carefully thought out and researched. There are many conflicting views and opinions and also the decision on which provider you choose for the procedure can be baffling. The decision to have a vasectomy should also include your significant other (If applicable) and an exploration of all other options. Whether married or living with someone, it should be a joint decision. While vasectomies are reversible, the reversal is not always successful and can be expensive. Please discuss alternatives with Dr Lief during your vasectomy consultation. Sperm banking is also a choice that can be explored. Remember, a vasectomy should be considered a permanent form of birth control, so think your decision through.

If you decide to have a vasectomy, the single most important decision you should consider is who should perform your vasectomy. Investigating the experience of the surgeon performing the vasectomy is vital. You want to know how many procedures the urologist performs annually and how many he has done overall. What is the surgeon’s complication rate and success rate? Dr. Lief experience offers patients better than average outcomes on both fronts. In addition, he is caring and respectful of your need for privacy.

Setting Up An Appointment to Have Your Vasectomy

For an appointment and consultation please call 954 755-3801. Dr. Lief’s staff will set up your vasectomy consultation at a mutually convenient time. At this appointment you will be examined and all your questions and concerns will be discussed.

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