Dr. Lief’s , Single Incision Vasectomy Technique

The vasectomy technique that Dr. Lief performs involves a single small incision. He also utilizes the the aid of twilight sleep or tranquilizers, with a local anesthetic being used to numb the skin. The patient is first given a twilight sleep or oral sedative to relax him, and then the scrotal sac is numbed. Through one tiny opening in the skin, Dr. Lief performs his single incision technique. Two to three dissolvable stitches are used to close the opening. These stitches do not have to be removed as they dissolve in about 10 days. The opening heals quickly and is generally no pain associated with the vasectomy.

A vasectomy performed by Dr. Lief has a lower than average infection rate and over a 99.9% success rate. The procedure takes place at his Coral Springs office or a local surgery center, Dr. Lief has performed thousands of vasectomies since he began his practice in 1986. He is both experienced, caring and looks forward to explaining everything.

There is no substitution for experience; an inexperienced urologist performing a no scalpel technique would likely have a higher complication rate than an experienced surgeon like Dr. Lief performing a single incision technique. Dr. Lief is highly regarded by his peers and his patients. He enjoys a higher than average grade on a national web site called Healthgrades.com.

Scheduling Your Vasectomy Appointment

Please call Dr. Lief’s office 954 755-3801 and his staff will set up your vasectomy consultation at a mutually convenient time. During the first appointment you will be examined and all your questions and concerns will be discussed.

Dr. Lief’s office is located at

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